Heat Source



Rich with the taste of coconut
She pressed her lips against his
Swayed unsteadily on the heaving deck
And watched the moon
Slip in and out of view
Behind the thick cover of clouds

This is when he should have offered his jacket
Wrapped her warmly in his embrace
While tenderly brushing her wind-blown hair from her eyes
Pulled a small, blue velvet encased box from his pocket
And signaled for the fireworks to be ignited
As the quartet began to play

Instead, he belched loudly and laughed
“Better out than in!” he hollered
Leaned in and bit her ear hard
The sour smell of his breath reaching her nose
Snaked a hand around to pinch her bottom
And pushed his body in towards hers

She thought a cruise would be romantic
Transform them into Rose and Jack at sea
Where they would dance joyfully below deck
After supping on 9 course meals
Share passionate kisses under the stars
And undergo a relationship metamorphosis

She was still her
He was still him
So much so that she regretted
Draining her savings to buy these tickets
Rather than get her HVAC replaced
Which would more reliably sustain her

NaPoWriMo Day 8


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