Salon Z started as an online space where members of an actual flesh-and-blood salon that meets twice monthly to discuss thought provoking literature, art, images, music, philosophy, personal writing, and the deeply meaningful and utterly frivolous detritus of life could post that which inspired them and/or their original works.

Zombie Salon and Salon Z were created in March of 2011 to provide a bit of intellectual and artistic sustenance to a few starving souls. It was meant to revive and reanimate things long dormant. The objective was to creatively inspire each other and give members an outlet for those impractical, artsy yearnings which were secretly consuming them.

Through the years, members of Zombie Salon have launched their own individual blogs, leaving Salon Z to its original creator and Zombie Salon host, Julie Ayers, who’d had create a salon on her to do list ever since seeing an Utne Reader article about the topic back in the early 1990s.

Well, it took twenty+ years but — Check! Done.

And no, we don’t dress up like zombies, but we do sometimes imbibe them.

I hope you enjoy the site and come back to visit again. Any and all feedback and comments are tremendously appreciated.


“The foremost apocaloptimist philosopher writing today.” Andrew Hager, playwright/blogger/Zombie Salon member



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  1. Julie, your posting about TUUC describes our experience there exactly.
    It’s a wonderfully nurturing place.

    Keep writing! ❤

  2. I just found out about this contest. The entry I listened to had poetry read over the instrumental. One more temptation for the creative beast & there is $500 for the winner.

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