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Astro Was Too Difficult to Say


I searched for you
wanted to bring you home
and into our hearts
give my children something I never had
help them learn about dogged devotion,
joy, attachment
the responsibility that inevitably comes with love

I didn’t expect your moose-iness
or that you’d be part muppet, part Barry White
or that my son would want to die if you did
that he would create a whole religion based
off of your patience and unwavering fidelity
that when the world became far too overwhelming
the only chance he had to regain peace
was waiting in the fur of your neck
and the deep quiet of your dark eyes

NaPoWriMo Day 30


A Boy’s Best Friend



My son sleeps
with his nose
resting against the top
of our dog’s head
both in easeful repose
their breathing synchronized
their serenity palpable

Ten years ago
my very small son
climbed into our new puppy’s crate
curled up next to him
and whispered husky-voiced boy promises
of lifetime care and love
of catch and bones

Now as the perils of adolescence
rip jagged holes
in my son’s sense of self-worth
it is our canine senior citizen
who pushes open the doors
sheds unmatchable comfort
and leads his friend safely home


Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo Day 11