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Operation Salvation


Tuck the napkin tight under your chin.
Grown or not, grease will find
its way to your silk tie, soak in
and leave its mark. The world’s
most beautiful chocolate cake.
Let them eat it. And when they
become obese, send them for a walk
on the golf course. A swing and a miss.

Policy requires flexibility. Who knew
It would be so hard? I once invested
with an unethical broker who lost
my humble nest of eggs. Maybe
he misplaced them on his yacht?
But we get to keep the things
we like: mother bombs and pre-existing
conditions. Interdependency
is only theory. Where’s the evidence
a tantrum in North Korea melts ice caps
and endangers the sabertooth?

If a giraffe birth and murder
can be live-streamed, it’s time
to choose what’s behind curtain
number three. The price is not right.
No syndication rights available. The
remote remote should remain lost
under the cushion. Turn it off. Learn
to read. The answer will not be found
wrapped in gold leaf. Instead of saving
some, save it all. Buy…nothing
you can’t scratch and sniff or squeeze.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy
far, far away, humans had humanity.
Sword was pulled from stone.
The public demands a sequel. Suspend
your disbelief.

NaPoWriMo Day 16


Bear My Broken



sidestep the manhole
visible crack in the thick
they’ve been known
to split wide
swallow whole
the woman
with red, unadorned cup
falling from graceful
into plastic bags
and gobs
would he still spit
if this was his bed
under foot
resting uneasy
by the smell of fresh donuts
while heels and trains clack
to be ignored
in a land trumped
by an illusion of bootstraps
may be best
to burn

December 2015
Julie Ayers