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Life will do what it does
lull us
then toss us airborne
to plunge untethered

Her blond head on the hospital pillow
as she wanders out of our reach
her mother, bedside
calling her home

Another’s cells gone rogue
…the sort through treatment options
decisions to make that alter
marking what now becomes
a time before
a time after

The one keeping to quiet corners
having walked another
beloved to the final
beat of his limitless heart

I’m surrounded by heroes
in the grocery store
who have suffered greatly
but still buy strawberry jam
and avocados
bake pies and grill corn

They have shown grace
and disintegrated in fear and grief
bedpans have been thrown
fingers laced gently
regrettable words spilled
mopped up later
or later still
or never

We stand firm
lay prone in puddles
get back up

This is the only way
Dark and beautiful

July 2017






When he pulled on his Union Jack socks
and clipped the bow tie in place
thirty years ago
he didn’t know
that night would lead him
to banana spiders spinning webs
outside his bedroom window
a back lawn crawling with cicadas
their song as loud as a jet’s engine
Planet X spawned dreams
germinated in third grade
three moons of Pluto discovered
two babies named
one kidney donated
a strawberry topped mountain saved

When he first saw her on the steps
of the Yale blue house
hands veiled in white cotton
a pearl button
resting against each clear wrist
he didn’t imagine
nebulas and dark matter
could occupy the same space
he understood relativity
only theoretically
and still had absolute faith
in gravity’s pull

August 2015
Julie Ayers

Resonant Frequency


The mustard sundress
scored with muted shapes
in shades of blue and green
triangles and circles overlapping
like a piece of abstract art —
you presented me with this gift
still warm from where it had swung
moments before in the soft breeze
on the side of the street vendor’s tent
where it caught you
as you walked home from your day of work
accelerating plasma inside a collider donut

It looked liked something I’d wear
you said
perfectly made for my sugar-sour soul
the curve of my hips
spark and flash of my irises

On that day of woven sunshine
and faultless sky
I never felt more loved
by you

© Julie Ayers
April 2012 – NaPoWriMo 18