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she could sit still and watch
all the remarkable things grow
no need for groceries or conversation
wheels or showers
just some bird song
and a bit of a breeze
rain or sun
change so rapid
and beautiful
it leaves her breathless

Day 14




The dry grass catches
flames rapidly shift
the waist-high field
tan to violent orange
a whirling spiral

The nearby playground
children chase
a game of tag
blue shirt, flowered dress
spinning across pebbles

On packed earth
they dance
side by side
heedless and easy
breathless and suffocating

Day 12

100 Years


She watched them on the treadmills
and stairmasters
jaws set and eyes fixed ahead
moving rapidly nowhere
hoisting weights and snapping ropes
rowing in place on the cement floor
muscles grateful for the challenge
and reprieve from ergonomically designed chairs and desks
protein shakes clutched in hand as they exited
carefully temperature controlled buildings
and navigated the short walk
to their cars

Life lived in comfortable box after box
everything easily accessible

She sometimes wondered
if we are happier and healthier now
then when we woke and hunted
breakfast by climbing the hill
in search of berries or rabbit
watched the sunrise from
the banks of rivers
as we collected water
diving in and swimming when warm

Vaccinated to safety
we view our world through windows
we run in place
breathe the purified air
eyes fixed for 100 years
to the screen ahead

NaPoWriMo Day 29

Misery And A Flower


We are only allowed
the immodest nosegay
that is springtime
for a few remarkable
weeks. The glorious
overlapping fragrance
from an opulence of blooms
unfurling from tree branches,
pushing upward
from the loamy soil,
awakens hibernating
senses. I cannot grieve
properly in a garden.
I cannot hold misery
and a flower.

NaPoWriMo Day 17