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3 Pounds


Three pounds on the wall
followed by a seven second
count of silence
then five quick
quieter raps
was the way the neighbor
conveyed displeasure

She’d pull up a playlist
turn her speaker on
and start to dance
try to lose herself and
dislodge the rhino
living on her shoulders
as she willowed and spun

Then the pounding
would start always
the same series of thumps
from the person
she’d didn’t know
on the other side
of a shared wall

Day after day
the practiced steps
played on
her seeking melody
the other demanding

Day 17





She missed the quiet
not the kind found in forests
but the peace spun from the hum
of tires on pavement
a beat of jump rope
slapping against sidewalk
girlish voices singing in time
laughter drifting through windows
bacon sizzling
to the velvet of Billie Holiday
urging listen
let your heart rest
you belong here

April 2015
Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo Day 30





Feet pressed into the mat
she rises
arms extended
every imperfection
falling away
as she lengthens
each scar, swell, roll
wrinkle, grinding bone
all the measures
she misses outside
immaterial here

She is fluidity
in chaos
secure in this darkened room
where only candles glow
soft breeze dancing across her skin
music matched to each movement:
forward bend, lunge, plank, down dog, cobra, tree, dancer, willow, star, airplane, diving plane, mountain, warrior, lovers hands

“You give so much,”
whispers the calm voice,
urging her onward.
“Every day is different.
Every body different.
Trust yourself.
Listen to only your body.
Challenge yourself.
Lose your balance.
Try again.
There is no right or wrong.”

For this one hour
there are no phones
or children needing
no discord or dis-ease
only her breath
slow and steady
her muscles shaking
as she holds herself
damp from perspiration and uncertainty
she has never been more beautiful
serene, content, fulfilled,

Her love strengthening
with every pose
she is ready to bend farther
extend even more
in all light

April 2015
Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo Day 3


divine hammer



promise to make me a playlist
for my final hours
filled with your favorite songs
the ones that always
make teeth ache
from their force of truth
the songs that quicken
pulse or slow it so
you can feel your own heart
those that make you
smile preposterously wide
when driving alone
the one’s you can’t resist
with your unrevised voice

walk me out with music
so divine
that there is no space
for between
and I leave
another note
in ceaseless waves
of perfect sound


Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo Day 27






“Coherence is overrated”
he assured
permitting her
to chase the random
fox thought
down the escalator
to the place where everyone
sitting by the fire pit
who is not playing an instrument
during Blister in the Sun
brings their hands together
in two rapid rounds of
transporting by pure percussion
to the valley resting
just around the bookshelf
from the best deep-fried pickles
in Rehoboth Beach
the ones coated in a light
tempura-like batter
at Dogfish Head
that are served
spears standing upright
in a metal basket
pickley perfection
even if she doesn’t like beer
really-really-really hates beer
and should have ordered vodka
like the person wearing
the Magical Mother Fucker hat


Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo Day 21





Because you were already singing
Ring of Fire
as we approached the table,
the Social D version
thumping out
through the restaurant’s
We slipped into our seats
and into the chorus
at the same time.

One by one,
you dropped ice cubes
twenty-feet down from the deck
where you stood watching
the pinking sky,
aiming for my glass
full of tepid beverage,
raining joy
and refreshment.

You baked a cake,
full soft and sweet centered,
topped it
with a desiccated hand
and waited, giggling,
for me to take in
the entire sugar
of this long anticipated reveal.

Beach house, kayaks, fire pit,
me assigned the room
with the balcony and best view
so I could wake to ducks
and friends and bacon,
we sat on the sand
watching surf roll
and spring tease,
talking of crab feasts
and college towns.

Entry halls strewn
with instrument cases,
you bring your guitars,
banjos, percussion pieces,
including on vacation,
us to sing along,
loudly, enthusiastically,
even if badly,
subsuming us
in each musical moment.

It is because you have patiently waited,
stayed beside me
while I found my own key,
made note of it,
and adjusted
your play accordingly
so we all could be
at our very best,
that we are


Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo Day 20