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Dinner With Buddha


If I could have dinner with Buddha
I’d lay a blanket on the grass
cover it with pillows
and ring it with candles
I’d spend the day baking cookies
and creating a gigantic fruit salad
with mangos, peaches, blueberries, and kiwi
I’d serve ratatouille
and glasses of iced water

After we talked about the weather
the pleasing texture of the nearby grass
on the soft skin of our palms
how the Earth’s ever growing
brightness has limited
our view of universal truths
and how people continue to treat
love and kindness with suspicion
I’d put on some Vampire Weekend
and challenge him to a game
of Cards Against Humanity
to see how he would Eightfold Path
his way through that minefield

Day 26


100 Years


She watched them on the treadmills
and stairmasters
jaws set and eyes fixed ahead
moving rapidly nowhere
hoisting weights and snapping ropes
rowing in place on the cement floor
muscles grateful for the challenge
and reprieve from ergonomically designed chairs and desks
protein shakes clutched in hand as they exited
carefully temperature controlled buildings
and navigated the short walk
to their cars

Life lived in comfortable box after box
everything easily accessible

She sometimes wondered
if we are happier and healthier now
then when we woke and hunted
breakfast by climbing the hill
in search of berries or rabbit
watched the sunrise from
the banks of rivers
as we collected water
diving in and swimming when warm

Vaccinated to safety
we view our world through windows
we run in place
breathe the purified air
eyes fixed for 100 years
to the screen ahead

NaPoWriMo Day 29




The doves woke me
cooing outside my window and calling me out
they weren’t crying but singing in celebration
another morning
of a day that could bring both rain and rainbows
one dependent on the existence of the other

We stand so small on this spinning sphere
generating a light that can be seen from space
feeling like captains when we are only passengers
mourning each loss of luminance
as if it might plunge us into pitch
too close to one another to see we remain ablaze
even though our course is inevitable


Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo Day 22




She wished
that she wished
she could punch someone
slash tires
key a side
short the sheets
serve plates of ex-lax brownies
unleash it all
in massive waves of malevolence
cleanse with flames
of blameless ire

she’d long suffered
from immoderate empathy
terminal humanity
and a frustrating predilection
for cheek turning
she was certain
failed to provide genuine closure
and was undoubtedly less satisfying
then hobbling ankles with hammers
or blooming heads on spikes

January 2014
Julie Ayers

Thicker Than


IMG_0836This morning
a girl went into the hospital
with her aunt
they put on paper gowns
were wheeled into operating rooms
masks placed on their faces
cut open
a kidney extracted
from the aunt
and sewn into her niece

A template of how to live

We take turns saving one another

April 15, 2013
Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo #15