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You Pick Your Heroes


Brooks Robinson, third basemen,
was not flashy, but consistent
and hard-working. Bucking his nature,
he batted and threw with his right,
despite being a lefty.

The career Baltimore Oriole impressed
the quiet carpenter in Minnesota
who had also played third base. Bucking his nature,
he held his spot in the game ‘til the final inning
despite his psyche’s adamant opposition.

A gleaming #5 monument erected for Brooks,
his number retired and reputation secured
for playing a game well.
Catch and fly.

His devoted fan with glove and guns and bags of pills,
sons and daughters and beer and ballparks,
secured his reputation by refusing an early
and permanent retirement. His monument,
no less, although lesser known.





Life will do what it does
lull us
then toss us airborne
to plunge untethered

Her blond head on the hospital pillow
as she wanders out of our reach
her mother, bedside
calling her home

Another’s cells gone rogue
…the sort through treatment options
decisions to make that alter
marking what now becomes
a time before
a time after

The one keeping to quiet corners
having walked another
beloved to the final
beat of his limitless heart

I’m surrounded by heroes
in the grocery store
who have suffered greatly
but still buy strawberry jam
and avocados
bake pies and grill corn

They have shown grace
and disintegrated in fear and grief
bedpans have been thrown
fingers laced gently
regrettable words spilled
mopped up later
or later still
or never

We stand firm
lay prone in puddles
get back up

This is the only way
Dark and beautiful

July 2017