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she could sit still and watch
all the remarkable things grow
no need for groceries or conversation
wheels or showers
just some bird song
and a bit of a breeze
rain or sun
change so rapid
and beautiful
it leaves her breathless

Day 14


Upward Mobility


The black, aluminum chair balanced
atop the weathered shed, legs
straddling the peaked roof.
Its cushioned seat looked enticing
even though the perch looked precarious.
With a wider view comes risk. Rising
takes audacity. She began her climb.

NaPoWriMo Day 15

A Ten-Year-Old’s Summer, 1974, Minnesota



we’d dive into the river
slip under the root beer colored surface
to grab ahold of the swaying weeds
which grew from the silty bottom
anchor ourselves in the murk
and see who could hold their breath longer

whoever broke first
rose up and gulped air
propelled by preservation
used their allowance
to buy the pop and gum
at Hooley’s grocery store

peddling home
we’d sip our 7UPs
racing the purple twilight
and lightning bugs
to glowing porch lights
and unconcerned parents

who had watched us walk out the door
as the sun started to rise
not even bothering to ask us
where we were headed
or with who
never doubting we’d return


Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo Day 21




because of the braces
his smile is closed tight

plaid is no longer cool
solid colored T-shirts preferred

when we talk
I tilt my head
back and up
and see chin

he has my brother’s eyebrows now

no more need
to flip socks inside out
seams touching toes
finally tolerable

he still loves his dog
more than anything
or anyone

still yells from his bed
for someone to come
scratch his head
when he can’t fall asleep

when he got behind the wheel
yesterday, driving
he asked me
if I was as relaxed as I professed
why was my right hand clutching the door

and he turned
a wide, sealed smile my way
blue eyes bright

April 2015
Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo Day 14





Scuff mark
on the bedroom floor
read absence
read violent removal
read lost

Chambers full
of things deemed precious
all items viewed necessary
for the journey on
now broken trophies
fodder for archeologists

Were the right treasures
loaded in
the binding strips
properly anointed
to ensure a safe tethering
through time

For the sweet prince
pursued by darkness
despite the suns etched
into every wall
hearts have been preserved in stoneware
at the ready for the promised awakening

February 2015
Julie Ayers




I am heart on thin, imperfect legs, barely managing to remain upright because of the weight of affection I carry.  I am longing and present and curse and laughter and hurt, exuberance and tenderness, disappointment…solace, reward, price, reckoning, chapter and volume, journey, destination.  I am costly.  Irreplaceable.  Replaced already.  Silenced.  Memory.

I am was.

I am


Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo Day 23