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Drum Beauty



(for Betsy – something happy)

Satin sport shorts
outlining tanned thighs,
they sat along the field’s edge
watching the drum and bugle corps boys
as they practiced.
Not wanting to wear hats
and risk messing their ponies,
they used their hands as visors
while they assessed the most committed,
best smile, astonishingly athletic,
biggest show off.

Summer school typing class done,
they’d bike over and drop in the grass
to lose hours
deregulating their heartbeats
from the onslaught of a seventy-two
steamrolling horns, a line of drummers
that spanned goal post
to goal post,
and teen boy testosterone
too abundant to quantify.


April 10, 2014
Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo Day 10




A Real Girl




Your kisses weren’t kisses.
They were balm.
Hands soothed me back into a shape
closer in form to an unbroken girl,
an approximation
of a pre-assaulted sixteen-year-old,
less bent,
spine more properly aligned,
like a sapling toward sun,
something still alive
that could grow steadily,


April 7, 2014
Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo Day 7



Don’t call me babe.
And why do you insist
on referring to time I spend
with my friends
as a Girls Night Out?
I am forty-eight.
I successfully transitioned from girl to woman
decades ago.notGNO
These people with whom I gather
are fine and beautiful
sumptuous and present
in skin
mapped with fine lines
and deep trails
that lead from then
to now.
A woman
beyond her thirties
does not signify a lack
of crucial force
impish energy
passion for the all
and fire.
We are radiant.
please refer to us
with the reverence that is our due.
splendid mothers
and companions
who make your lives
are not girls
indulging in amusing antics.
We are the creators of whole worlds,
conferring about their fragile particulars
over dinner
and glasses of fortitude and delight.
January 2013
Julie Ayers