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Ode to Zimbro And The Like


He sent cheese with his sentiment, wishing them well
via Murray’s New York. Research documents the brain
lights up like 34th Street in Hampden at Christmastime
when a lucky someone loads a cracker with fromage
and goes all in. It’s like pushing a fireball into your vein,
but not needing a dose of Narcan. A mind-pleasing boost
sans life-shattering consequence.

More useful than, and equally beautiful as, a bouquet,
slabs of Zimbro, Bieu D’Auvergne, and Bourbon Bellivitano
Sartoni comfort psyche, spark synapses, and satiate sorrow.
Affection is best spoken in dairy. Love conveyed
through lactose. Concern expressed via curds.

He sent cheese with his sentiment.
An iced box brimming with real succor.

Day 9




Life will do what it does
lull us
then toss us airborne
to plunge untethered

Her blond head on the hospital pillow
as she wanders out of our reach
her mother, bedside
calling her home

Another’s cells gone rogue
…the sort through treatment options
decisions to make that alter
marking what now becomes
a time before
a time after

The one keeping to quiet corners
having walked another
beloved to the final
beat of his limitless heart

I’m surrounded by heroes
in the grocery store
who have suffered greatly
but still buy strawberry jam
and avocados
bake pies and grill corn

They have shown grace
and disintegrated in fear and grief
bedpans have been thrown
fingers laced gently
regrettable words spilled
mopped up later
or later still
or never

We stand firm
lay prone in puddles
get back up

This is the only way
Dark and beautiful

July 2017



by any other name



three of them curl up most nights
under a pile of blankets and a tarp
on a grate outside the Baltimore Street 7-Eleven

the young woman
is just the right kind of thin
beautiful even with smudges
and wrinkled clothing

she’s flanked by two wiry men
that match her in age

most mornings
a group of their friends
comes to wake them
surrounds their nest
and slouch with ease against the store windows
laughing and talking
until the trio
emerges from their sidewalk cocoon

standing and stretching
they dole out back-patting hugs
as if they’ve just scuffed down well-worn stairs
to some sunny kitchen
lured by bacon and coffee
and the faces they most long to see

Juliette and her Romeos
avoiding the quick death
promised by poisoned cup and dagger
by names and prejudice
and bordered garden walls
their smiles in the cold gray confounding
and upending expectations

NaPoWriMo Day 3

Thanks For The Heads Up



(a poem composed from a random line from texts, each from a different person, that I received this week)

Our 7-11 is all smashed up.
Total shitstorm.
Noisy spot.
From peaceful to asses.
Glad it wasn’t a work day.
Should I send vodka now or later?
I’m trying to prevent problems, but it looks like that’s not going to work.
Glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
Fuck that, it’s all about cockfights up in this bitch.
Maybe we can get together with the girls soon?
Keep the plan the same.
Reservation at Farmstead Grill in Canton Crossing.
We are having bacon wrapped fillets, grilled asparagus, fennel salad of some sort, and cupcakes. Oh, and wine.
May I use the corset?
Cock at my house this week?
I’m a mess; broke my heart, but I’ll get over it.

April 2015
Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo Day 26



On Risk & Acceptance



what I want for you
is to find that place of acceptance

you will know when you arrive
as it will be filled
with the kind of people
who meet you on your ideal plane
they will wrap you in their arms
if you are one who blossoms
when giving and receiving hugs
they will sit quietly by your side
engaging in an unhurried exchange
of speaking and being heard
their love will be unconditional
you treasured as the imperfect
but well-intentioned traveler you are

you must never stop looking
for this place
it exists for you
you will find it

to get there
you need to take risks
accept that you are worthy of love
as your most authentic and unmasked self

you must fearlessly open your heart
unbox everything
and lay it on the grass
a yard sale of all your apprehensions
each ambition and catastrophic failure
your most impossible desires
set it in the light
that which you consider junk and prize
all of it is treasure
of value and great significance

trust those who stop to look
who pick up this piece and that
ask for an accounting
and you in turn
must reverently visit their displays
reach out gently
and help them sort their offerings
see the beauty in every frayed seam
and roughly drawn portrait

stop hiding from your own peace
there will never be a shortage of painful things
that happen for no good reason
you will lose people
you will see and experience
nearly unbearable suffering
you will be torn asunder
and healed
and broken again

this is always the journey

you are capable of more
than just surviving
if you cultivate acceptance
for our gorgeous but flawed natures

look for your people to love
you will find them everywhere
risk loving them
risk more
by allowing them
to love your most genuine self back

November 2014
Julie Ayers




“Coherence is overrated”
he assured
permitting her
to chase the random
fox thought
down the escalator
to the place where everyone
sitting by the fire pit
who is not playing an instrument
during Blister in the Sun
brings their hands together
in two rapid rounds of
transporting by pure percussion
to the valley resting
just around the bookshelf
from the best deep-fried pickles
in Rehoboth Beach
the ones coated in a light
tempura-like batter
at Dogfish Head
that are served
spears standing upright
in a metal basket
pickley perfection
even if she doesn’t like beer
really-really-really hates beer
and should have ordered vodka
like the person wearing
the Magical Mother Fucker hat


Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo Day 21