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Dinner With Buddha


If I could have dinner with Buddha
I’d lay a blanket on the grass
cover it with pillows
and ring it with candles
I’d spend the day baking cookies
and creating a gigantic fruit salad
with mangos, peaches, blueberries, and kiwi
I’d serve ratatouille
and glasses of iced water

After we talked about the weather
the pleasing texture of the nearby grass
on the soft skin of our palms
how the Earth’s ever growing
brightness has limited
our view of universal truths
and how people continue to treat
love and kindness with suspicion
I’d put on some Vampire Weekend
and challenge him to a game
of Cards Against Humanity
to see how he would Eightfold Path
his way through that minefield

Day 26





Her brown shoulders bare
but for the merest of white silken straps
she glides
into the glass wrapped
dining room
in her size 0
slips into the ocher chair
pulled back for her
by the disembodied
dark hair dusted hand

Padma then eats

Plate after plate is tendered
she sups on the finest morsels
fashioned by eleven astounding chefs

Her perfection
by that one long scar
on her arm
which allows us
to almost believe
she is not so dissimilar to us
that the burger we clutch
could yet be transmuted
to divine truffle risotto
that we
can eat more than our fill
brush the crumbs from our laps

and rise
tall and willowy
into the camera
disgorging judgment

February 2014
Julie Ayers