Best Left a Mystery


Every neighbor was doing it. The noise
would be the first thing to give them away.
The banging sometimes went on for hours.
People seemed downright prideful about it,
like they were eager for everyone to know,
like they were showing off about it. When she was younger,
such things were simply not done. People tried to keep
all that hidden. Although, obviously, everyone
knew that it was happening in every home,
it was considered impolite, improper, vulgar,
and social inappropriate to make a public display of it all.
Well, at least it had become that way as civilization evolved.
We didn’t live in caves all crowded together anymore!
The mechanics of it all was now kept a much more private thing.
She preferred it that way. Sparks, heat, electricity,
it was necessary for human survival, exciting even,
if she was being totally honest with herself.
And, once or twice, she did catch herself wondering
about what might be happening in certain friends’ homes…
But really, it was none of her business, and she most definitely
felt very strongly she shouldn’t be forced to be confronted
with other folks choices in regards to those personal matters.
What they did within the confines of their own walls
was their own business and none of her concern.
So why, now, did they insist on covering their roofs
with those hideous solar panels and make her look at them
every time she gazed out her windows?! Solar energy, peeshaw!
Give her a good old basement boiler or furnace any day.

NaPoWriMo Day 22


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