by any other name



three of them curl up most nights
under a pile of blankets and a tarp
on a grate outside the Baltimore Street 7-Eleven

the young woman
is just the right kind of thin
beautiful even with smudges
and wrinkled clothing

she’s flanked by two wiry men
that match her in age

most mornings
a group of their friends
comes to wake them
surrounds their nest
and slouch with ease against the store windows
laughing and talking
until the trio
emerges from their sidewalk cocoon

standing and stretching
they dole out back-patting hugs
as if they’ve just scuffed down well-worn stairs
to some sunny kitchen
lured by bacon and coffee
and the faces they most long to see

Juliette and her Romeos
avoiding the quick death
promised by poisoned cup and dagger
by names and prejudice
and bordered garden walls
their smiles in the cold gray confounding
and upending expectations

NaPoWriMo Day 3


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