Just Don’t



Friends don’t let friends:
Drink and get a haircut
Drink and call their secret crushes
Drink and blog
Drink and pick out the paint color for the kitchen
Drink and groom the dog
Drink and call their mother-in-law
Drink and call their ex
Drink and text their boss
Drink and chose an outfit to wear to their class reunion
Drink and post a Geraldo selfie
Drink and try to learn to juggle…knives
Drink and call their spouse from The Block
Drink and operate dental equipment
Drink and EBay
Drink and go to traffic court
Drink and accept your kid’s twerk challenge
Drink and get a tweety-bird tattoo
Drink and apply cat-eye eyeliner
Drink and negotiate a peace treaty
Drink and select their college major
Drink and pick their baby’s name
Drink and accept a plea bargain
Drink and go to your child’s pre-school graduation
Drink and intubate
Drink and elope
Drink and commit to a size for breast augmentation
Drink and post poetry …

Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo Day 16


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