Data Driven




A recent study reported that when women were asked at what age did they think men were most attractive, they listed an age that correlated closely to their own. If the woman was 42, she found men 40-45 to be at their physical peak and appealing. Women who were 20, thought men in their early 20s were handsome. Your 57-year-old women preferred the look of men in their mid 50s. And so on. The pattern entirely uniform. Predictable.

Men surveyed were equally predictable. If the man was in his 20s,
he thought a 21-year-old woman was the measure of perfection.
If a man was 32, he found a 21-year-old most appealing. As did a man
who was 44, and 56, or 72, and 85. Every age male surveyed reported
with certainty that a woman is most attractive to him, most desirable,
worthy of pursuit and adoration, the person they would want to date
and mate, when she is 21-years-old. Even if the man was 107. This
pattern entirely uniform. Predictable.

So women admire and enjoy someone who is likely to be their emotional
and intellectual equal, whereas, men prefer, above all else,
tits that ride reasonably high.

April 2015 

Julie Ayers 

NaPoWriMo Day 6




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