What Are You Doing?!?


(An Exquisite Corpse Poem by Zombie Salon members Robin, Anne, Tricia, Andrew, and Julie)

We don’t want you over there getting a hard on
one of your big hang ups is are you too smart for the world?

Cuz if you are too smart than you won’t be fiddling in your pants,
feeling your self get hard but instead or even better you will
write a poem (and not an erotic one, either)
or you will find the perfect art form that allows us to merge our physical and intellectual halves into a perfect whole
be less heart, less feet, less shaved skin scented
more synapse, more tongue pointed, more gray matter
instead of shades of
water reflecting a sunray glinting its blinding void
bright bright flooding the emptiness with
retinal pain and shadows of furious crotch-pounding
focusing on the now, the life
ignoring the end that catches us all

Exquiste Corpse Poem
Zombie Salon Group Poem


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