One’s Own



During her twenty-three year hiatus from writing
she cut shelf paper
organized band aids and dental floss
placed make-up in small plastic bins
eyeliner pencils/mascara/blush
aligned the edges of the octagon-shaped
dinnerware in the kitchen cupboard

There were craft projects with the children
homemade pop-up bunny Easter cards
for the grandparents retired in Florida
gingerbread houses, noodle necklaces
and Jimmy Neutron themed birthday parties
dresser drawers kept tidy and full
outgrown swimsuits swiftly dropped to Goodwill

Poems remained with notebooks, baklava
and cups of tea at Amy’s Café
stayed sealed in A Room Of One’s Own Bookstore
prettiest words thwarted by grad school deadlines
literary deconstruction, lesson planning, essay grading
by serious work that paid for cerulean sundresses
and morning sickness that lasted all day, shed paint color selection

During her twenty-three year hiatus from writing
she typed the occasional memorial poem
felt the grind of ungreased gears as metal shaved
sat thirsty by an empty cup gazing at vacant chairs
she cut shelf paper and waited
anxious for the light to fall again back
render passage of an entry unbarred



Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo Day 29



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