They were stark
and beautiful,
gray bark smooth,
only a hint of bud on branch,
as I drifted through
the unexpected grove.
My Mazda cut a path
amidst the very tops of the trees
along a two-mile stretch of Hwy 200,
elevated pavement
elevating a commute
to a storybook journey
in enchanting land.

I wanted to hit the brakes,
cast off my seatbelt,
jump out of the car,
rush to the railing
so I could lean out and over
to touch
a bare limb.

I wanted to leave
the key in the ignition,
climb up
and off,
missing my 10:30 meeting,
leaving a gap in the car pool line,
fully and finally
reducing my carbon footprint,
as I gave in
to the canopy’s call.


April 9, 2014
Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo Day 9



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