Icebergs & Deck Chairs


IMG_2004If I built you a pyramid out of old suitcases, ones with leather straps and buckles
that smelled like Amsterdam, Prague, and Boise, planted seeds and
faithfully tended a garden filled with vegetables you’d consider
pushing around your plate, learned to knit and clacked out
custom cashmere underwear just your size and shape,
would you reconsider? Could I bake you an SUV
in the flavor of your choice, highjack a tour
bus of seniors on a cross country quest to
visit every winery with an escalator and
evergreen bathroom, dance from
9000 to 2700 feet with a meteor
trailing fire before deploying
my chute, grow a longer
tongue and thinner
thumbs, sell my
heart to buy
you yours,
would you

April 5, 2014
Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo Day 5



About Julie Ayers

Seasoned apocaloptimist, keen admirer of well-placed words, fierce mama bear of extra special children, black belt hugger, and advocate for a fashion rebellion which elevates the most human of hearts to socially acceptable outerwear.

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