Mind Craft


Slouch shouldered
dirty-blonde hair shading his eyes
he peers at the screen
bites his lip as he builds
a house of pixels
proudly showing me
the water feature
he’s added with cane
a tree that leans
He forms Minecraft shelves
but adds no books
disliking to read from paper
so why bother with virtual tomes
His Skyped-in friends
making plans to visit
A digital party brewing

In weed and wild flower fields
I collected littered cans
scooped up piles of leaves
using my sweatshirt
as carryall
Braids adorned with twigs
I dragged broken branches
weaving them tight
through the copse
constructing palaces
kitchen to turrets
curling up on moss
of the library floor
with stacks of books
sky for skylight

I saw it
same as him
from room to room
feasts held
enemies vanquished
gilt walls
holding us
in equal fancy

December 2013
Julie Ayers


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