Out of Context


CricketsThe can of Scrubbing Bubbles
was just there
easy to grab
when I’d pull back the curtain
and find the crickets in the bathtub
so black against the white
so wrong against the right

They’d rally in the early morning gloom
surprise me with an irregular attack
as I stood posed to step in the shower
in my bathroom on the second floor
the year I was fifteen

Crickets my kryptonite
I’d always scream
and from a safe distance
shoot a stream of foam from the can
suspending their motion
sticking them in place
freezing them in time

I did not like to watch them die
or scoop their shell foamed mess
from the hard tub floor
those dark makers of music
my responsibility
and now my Clarice’s lambs
still haunting me for the role I played
in silencing their song

April 28, 2013
Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo #28


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