Aviary Photo_130114739395645633

My friend has a delicate blue bird
tattooed on her inner arm
midway between wrist and elbow
accompanied by three distinct dots
one for each of her babies
who she prods and loves into extraordinary

At my church
quiet and kind Grandmother Bette
with a beautiful lavender butterfly
on the fine and fragile skin above her outer wrist
honoring her small granddaughter
who died in intensive care
after surgery

My nephew’s arm covered in stars
and an ancient ship with sails
riding a stormy sea
a tribute to the journey
of his indomitable grandfather

The home healthcare nurse
who ministered to my daughter’s many needs
for more than a year
adorned with names in script
for each of her children

Floating between my shoulder blades
a butterfly
testifying to seasons for transformation
and how what might look like death
may actually be another beginning

April 26, 2013
Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo #26


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