Scrape the Wallpaper



Enough with the introspection
let me paint a wall for awhile
snake the drain
put the spices in alphabetical order
with cleverly handcrafted labels
de-thatch the lawn
vacuum under every bed and dresser
shimmy up a drain pipe
and finally patch the loose shingles on the roof
get things realigned and tires rotated

It must be time for the furnace be cleaned
rags to be taken to every inch of duct work
fix that running guest bathroom toilet once and for all
by dismantling the works
breaking bits in the process
running back and forth to the hardware store
three times for replacement parts
before eventually calling the plumber in defeat
surely every blind in the house needs to be dusted
and sponged clean with environmentally friendly products

A mammogram should be scheduled and endured
and that root canal performed
or better yet
the long needed double knee replacement
at last checked off the To Do list

I’ll do anything
rather than write one more
heart-wrenching poem

at least until tomorrow

April 21, 2013
Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo #21


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