Fast Cars & Bad Boys


Billycorvette (2)

The boy I dated in high school
drove a vintage 1963
cherry red Corvette convertible
with side pipes

He bought a houseboat
so we could go out on the river
the day after prom
a monster truck
so we could go four wheeling
in the woods

He would buy me jewelry
fine pieces
real pearls

He’d show up with a velvet box
two days late for a date
present the gift as a peace offering

I would hand it back to him

He’d tear the rejected necklace
or earrings from the case
throw them into the grass of my yard
never to be seen again

He frequently stood me up
as the video arcade was located
in the path between our homes
and the pull of Pac-Man
superseded his need to spend time with me

As boyfriends came
he was truly terrible

Yet I dated him for a year
before I was finally able
to conjure up enough self esteem
to deem myself worthy
of something better
like a maybe a boy with a bicycle
or one who would borrow his parents car
drive over
watch Night of the Living Dead with me
while holding my hand
a boy who would never try and buy my affection
but who would earn it

April 17, 2013
Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo #17


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