IMG_1364Don’t forget
when you walk into the river
the bottom muck squishes
between your toes
the stones are slippery
against the soles
the rushing water from the feeding springs
so cold it seems to sear

Don’t forget
as you finally reach a depth
where you fall forward with arms
outstretched and poised for motion
that the water is the color of root beer
and holds you surely as you struggle
against the tugging current
pushing on toward the cool dark of the tree covered island

Don’t forget
to let go of the rope
when the pendulum you ride
arcs out away from the rocks and shore
over the deepest and safest watery parts
that welcome your plunging body
enfolding you in a pleasing chill
that leaves you thrilled at your own fearlessness

Don’t forget
as you rise to the surface
fill your lungs with air
and shout with delight
before diving back under
that this river came from a glacier
majestic and horrible as it cut through this valley
carving out a world that could fully embrace you

April 14, 2013
Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo #14


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