There dances the oak tree by the river
the evergreen I scaled like a staircase
the weeping willow by the pond
the giant pine outside of our bedroom window
the apple tree that held my childish weight
as I swung upside down
dangling from my knees
the stump from which the boys
performed flips
as I caught my breath
in fear
and delight

You laugh
when I talk of my dreams
living among the branches
balanced above the grass
tucked in leaves
that gently brush my shoulders
as I walk lightly across the bark
my bare feet sure
birds’ nests holding my treasures
clothing draped
off of twigs

In death
let me join with the green
pour what is left of me
into dark, rich soil
merging with a root system
holding things up
holding things steady

April 11, 2013
Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo #11


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