She’s Got Legs


Fabulous Worst Legs

There is no denying

that I am unreasonably fond
of my rather nicely proportioned
and shapely legs

Covered in scars
as they are
the kneecaps
of the half dozen
surgeries performed to keep things
relatively in place
and somewhat functional
I worship my gams
that daily still bear my weight
move me from points A to B
occasionally painfully
but with pleasing consistency

We’ve formed an uneasy truce
despite their distressing disobedience
from age thirteen on

First those dislocated dreams
of being any type of athlete
benched permanently as a budding girl
left to limp down school hallways

Then MS eating at the myelin wrapping
of my brain and spinal cord
disrupting messages regarding
how a foot should lift
or leg slide forward
how a 28 year-old
should not be depleted
by a walk
from driveway to doorway

I believe my legs extraordinary
worthy of adoration
even in light of their uncertain nature
because most days
the knees stiffly give
allowing me to stomp with delight
those distinctly curved calves
still let me dance
the scored thighs
shift well enough to let me stand

and embrace everyone I love

April 7, 2013
Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo #7


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