An Inner Bling



She takes 27 pills a day
knocks them back by the fistful
with a small sip of something
in an attempt to slow her cystinosis
drips drops in each eye once an hour
to beat back blindness

My daughter transmutes amino acid
to sparkling jewels
manufacturing cellular kaleidoscopes
but kidneys don’t like bling
the pancreas rejects adornment
eyes prefer tears to glitter

I want to harvest the crystals
collecting in her organs
the dazzle across her muscle tissue
spool a necklace and bracelets
matching earrings which reflect her light
a tiara to grace her auburn hair

All those unsuitable
beautiful stones
gathering in the soft places
needed to sustain and support life

her blood diamonds

April 4, 2013
Julie Ayers
NaPoWriMo #4


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