Tea and Sympathy


It snowed
and it was lovely

Everything sugared

and quiet

Outside our blanketed house
on the pretty, frosted street
a sporty, black car rotated
making circles in the white
as it bounced off of the orange of a school bus

First the boom
of right, front bumper slamming
into the wall of bus
car tire ripped from axle
still rolling as it arched through the air
landing like a summer planter
in the center of someone’s yard
four houses down
and across the street

Now the back
spinning round for its battering by solid orange
the shred of metal and crunch of plastic
causing those out freeing their sidewalks of confection
to pause

Ice crystals and car guts
a black ooze of motor oil
and still car
finally stopping at the curb
as if to park
but nose in versus properly parallel

My dad is gonna kill me
said the trembling
slope shouldered driver
late for his morning high school class
as I handed him a mug of steaming chamomile tea


It will be your habit of rushing
being driven by fear
not listening to the soundtrack
provided by each day
your youthful arrogance
and blindness to the changing print of sky
to the emerging greens of spring
or the kiss of snow
your deafness to the world ever whispering:

It is all so beautiful.
Slow down.

January 2013
Julie Ayers

photo (28)


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