Advice on Conversing With Women


This is how you talk to a woman

You start by pressing your lips together


curving them into a smile

Moving your gaze to meet hers’

and first hearing her heart

what it needs to tell you

is in her eyes

The baby that woke last night fussing

who she struggled to soothe

feeling like a failure

for not gracefully easing his want

and by her resentment for interrupted sleep

Her rushed shower

necessitated by the alarm that failed to ring

so she skipped shaving her legs

and fully drying her hair, styling it

in just the way that makes her feel most life-like

The eyes, now laughing

exquisite lines radiating from unadorned lashes

lips drenched with joy

as she recalls how the security guard

bowed as he opened the door for her

This is how you talk to a woman

you hear her heart


© Julie Ayers



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  1. I hope more men read this blog because it would help both sexes better understand each other. That’s why I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award. You can go to my website for more information and

    Write On!

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