One of the more powerful pieces I’ve read in a long time…


My head has been on the other side of the world – in the Middle East, of late.  I just finished a church service on Islam and Ramadan.  I’ve been reading Rumi and Hafez and the Qur’an, and scholarly critiques thereof … exotic and mystical, and intellectually arduous.  I met more people from that part of the world in one fell swoop than I probably ever have at once.  They’re lovely.  Good human beans.  My only issues are theological, and really don’t matter in the long run.  I have friends who have been to that part of the world, ‘business’ mostly, and some who were born there.  I have friends who object, to varying degrees, to the ways people live there.

I’ve been trying to square it all.  Craving distillation.  Common experiential denominator?  Bottom line?

Sometimes it’s just not that simple.

You’ve gotta read this … from Guernica Magazine.  Really quite amazing writing.  And it’s journalism, no less.


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  1. Hello! I am a friend of Julie’s. I feel the internal confliction in this post…and also the internal conviction. I may not know you, but I appreciate what you epitomize here: a desire to seek knowledge, embrace the different, and separate the “personal” from the “political” and the “religion” from the “spiritual.” I devoted my college years to trying to decipher this subject (I have a degree in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic), and your comment resonates: it’s just not that simple. Keep sharing your thoughts. It’s an excellent way to process, even when there is no common denominator or solution set 🙂

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