Fishers of Men


So long, and thanks for all the fish.

best suicide note ever – except I’m

allergic to fish and seafood in general

but, what a way to go –

plagiarizing your own ending

nothing is original anymore anyway

nothing left to create

no new stories



would I be plagiarizing just the note?

or am I stealing someone else’s

suicidal plot?

at least these line breaks are mine

the rest has all be played out




collectively shed the burden of responsibility

cast off our fishnets

and brought up the same old breed of death

and despair for the next generation of flash frozen

TV dinners writhing and gasping

replayed weekly for viewers to download on iTunes

angling for nothing more than bigger

bytes of sound



leaving us with nothing

reeling in emptiness



floating in the ether with nothing in mind

but the next big hook


4 responses »

  1. Marissa — I love it! Wonderful. Did someone really use Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’s line as a real suicide note? The line breaks are great. Ditto on loving the irreverent tone — so you. I like the first line having fish and the last having hook. Also the writhing and gasping line brings me back to the fish as well. Nice bringing it around. Well done. Hurray! You posted! You rock!!

    fyi — Please teach me now to indent as I haven’t figured it out so all my stuff has been horrifyingly linear.

  2. Wow you guys are quick with the feedback! I’m glad you liked it. No one that I know of has used that line for a suicide note, but it was just a random thought that crossed my mind. The irreverent tone just sorta followed. 🙂

    Thanks Julie for commenting on bringing it back – I wasn’t sure if it was tight enough or if I let myself ramble too much.

    As for the indentations, there’s a button on there that let’s you see the “kitchen sink”. One of the buttons that appears when you click on that is for indenting.

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