Shaking my head …


A status update from an acquaintance on FB:

“Got some nasty dirty mexican that live behind my house they are so ignorant wish they all go back where they all come from!!!”

I worked with this woman 15 years back or so. Her husband is a prince of a guy, worked with him too. He may or may not share her sentiment. He’s definitely got the class not to spout it on FB.

To un-friend or not? Doesn’t everyone get a chance to say something utterly stupid in public once, before they do it again and we write them off completely?

This lady is very nice otherwise. Cares deeply for her family and friends. Loves animals. Works hard. Weird thing is, she’s got hispanic friends on FB, among other ethnicities. You’d think it would occur to her that this might hurt some feelings. I felt like commenting, but didn’t have a taste for the fight, that she may not like the way the remark makes her look. But when people are in that mode they could give a rat’s ass how they look … they’re fahr’d up.

I was so deflated when I read what she’d written. How dare she blow the lovely buzz this Sunday has been for me. Then I realized that to let it tank this wonderful feeling, the antithesis of her achingly ignorant and misguided yelp, was to give power to its origin. The yin to compassion’s yang. To hell with that.

I hear you, ignorant woman. I believe you’re wrong. Hate will find no progress here.


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