Let me trim your shadow


My tires swerve to avoid your blind spots, mirrors
tilted I tap two smokes up the yellow line.
“Can you count my fingers, baby? How about if
I hold them here?” Mission? Simple. This is no
return of the dark queen. This is just a minor

glitch in your aqueous humor. No surgical precision,
no sweatneck apologies, no flowerbox reunions. Just this:
A jump between your headlights. Baby, didn’t you miss
my shadow? Just this: A proud movie extra beams

onto the scene. She disappears through a steam-cloud
while the one-armed heroine takes the last train home.
Tell me, didn’t you miss those spaces in between?

~Jennifer V.


2 responses »

  1. A bit mesmerized by this, Jennifer. I keep reading it over and over and visualizing the different pieces. I think I need to read it about 50 more times before I can comment further. It is hypnotizing me. Amazing.

  2. I love your line breaks Jennifer. I think they are particularly effective in bridging the stanzas but separating the images in an interesting, evocative way.

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